Thursday, May 29, 2008

I heart inventions

Every now and then I come up with an idea in my head and think "wow, I wonder if I could make some serious money off of that?" Other times I look at things and think " how did I not think of that?"

When I walked into starbucks the other day, I felt the latter.


They are spill sticks.

That's using your thinker.


Sometimes I read other peoples blogs and then use the pictures from theirs and blog about it myself. This is one of those times.

When I was younger I used to write notes and ideas on my hands to remember them later, my mom hated when I wrote on myself.

Ok mom, how would you feel if I had used these?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ryanne Nicole

I have found the perfect summer treat for you my pickle loving friend. Behold....pickle pops.

These make me want to barf.

When I have a child....

In the future... and if it is a girl, it will wear this hat. And I will smile.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

and another..

Here is another choice... seriously, I am nuts.

The list has begun

I am sure my family is cracking up lately with all of the e mails I send them with birthday ideas for me. So I figured, instead of just sending them e mails I thought I would post some up on here to give everyone a fair shot.

Here is something that is at the top of my list...

It can be found here.

sometimes I can be real selfish.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This is a first...

Tonight I will be seeing my first ever midnight movie. I have always had a curfew and this would be way too late for my mom to wait up for me ( she loves me that much)

Thus.. I will be seeing Indiana Jones tonight at 12:01 and I am so excited !

Preperations for this momentous occasion will include at least an hour nap, a coffee, and a blanket for the theater.

Look for some fun pics tomorrow.

Negative of this momentous occasion: The #1 Indiana Jones fan... Brandon won't be here to see it with me.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My best friend is back!

My BFF Sarah is back for the summer, I was looking through i photo and noticed I have some amazing shots of her and I over our friendship. Enjoy the top 5...

He's leaving... on a jet plane....

Bran is gone... for a whole month!

From Bali to China then on to England then to Ireland and then home!

Why in Bali?
To surf and scuba dive with his pop.

Why in China?
To hang with his family and trek through the jungle with his pop

Why in England?
To be in one of his best friends wedding and hike all over with Tom

Why in Ireland?
Because it is beautiful and he has always wanted to go.

Why this trip?
Because he graduated college!

Enjoy your travels love!

My friend is Engaged!

Amanda is engaged!

Amanda and I have been friends since 7th grade. She is so great and I am so excited to see her start this new chapter of her life!

Love you Manda!

Here is a jewel I found of us sophomore year of high school....

Here are the future McCains!

*please note; I am drinking apple cider. Come on....

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Vitamin C said it best..

"As our lives change, come whatever, we will still be, friends forever."

Wisdom at it's finest.

Brandon graduated from CSUF today...hooray! It was rumored to be 108 degrees today and my family and his enjoyed this scrumptious weather outside on a lawn with 357587978 other people. We ate snow cones and poured water all over our bodies. At one point I closed my eyes and actually thought I was going to die. The speaker said Brandon Hurt not Brandon Hunt, my B corrected him on stage while laughing, and was announced for a second time. It was amazing. After the sauna graduation we ate yummy food at CPK!

Congratulations B, I am so proud of you... real life here you come!

Moine Wedding!

Well, they did it! Jared and Alanna are man and wife! It was so wonderful and beautiful and perfect. I know that Allison, Julie and Courtney have all blogged before me.. but here is the wedding from my camera!

I love you Moines!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Update # 2

A. McCroskey made us some delicious food... here are pics of it....

delicious veggie biscuits
apples and cinnamon dip


It's Alanna's wedding day!!

Here are some delicious pre wedding pics of the ladies of the wedding party... Enjoy.

T minus 6 hours people.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

oh CNN....

I love CNN. It's crazy... it's on all the time, I love it.

There is no real reason why, just do.

Here is a picture to prove it.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Be jealous... be very very jealous.

You can look for me in these little beauties Friday at the Pearson- Moine nuptials.

You are welcome.

This can't be real... can it?

Friday, May 09, 2008

From one place to the next...

Well I am home from Atlanta and off to Palm Springs.

I had one night at home which was pure relaxation, a little Iron man, a nap and then some LOST.

Tonight will be filled with driving, eating, and laying out!
YAY for traveling.

I heart new office supplies

I just discovered these on a blog that I read...

oh yes, they are transparent post it notes... someones a thinker!

Sunday, May 04, 2008


We are on our way to DRIVE 2008 today!

It is going to be a week full of adventures!

Some things I am looking forward to:

Great Speakers/ Super interesting topics

Baseball game

Coca Cola Factory

Puppet Museum with A. Hib

Sharing a room with two of my favorite people ( Witt and McCroskey!)

Eating delicious food

Working out in the mornings

Some things I am not looking forward to:

Being away from people I love

Missing Blitzkrieg's double game Monday night (score one for me B!)

Sleeping in my own bed

Watching The Hills with Kiva and mocking everything/ hating Lauren Conrad with a passion.

YAY! I am off!

Friday, May 02, 2008

Remember when I went to China?

Well I am certainly glad we did not go in the summer...

yikes. I thought Wild Rivers was bad.