Monday, February 26, 2007


I am not all that talented at photography, but I do have a serious love for looking at beautiful photography. I wanted to share an amazing talent of a woman with you all today, in hopes that your day will be enriched by her beautiful pictures...

(And her blog is awesome too)


Sunday, February 18, 2007

District of New York meets Mexico

In other words the LA fashion district

We traveled up to LA for Becky's birthday and it was a day to be remembered... highs and lows of the day are as follows:

Had bagels and brew on the way there

Listened to Bruce Springsteen and Bonnie Raitt all the way to LA

The temperature in LA (literally, it was the highest it has been in downtown in 117 years)

Watching mama morines do her bargain thing

Going home empty handed

Blow up chair in the nicest store in the district

Dirty rap songs playing everywhere

Screaming monkey sweatshirts which tie with Spongebob character T shirts gone gangster( grills and all)


Our parking Garage level was called Dark Forces of Hell ( the level below us was Satan Rules)....Classy.

So many people, so little deodarant, enough said.

no stores had chairs and there is 9 blocks of shopping.

There was dirt in our water cups at lunch

No ICE for drinks

Scary Manequin man in the back of one store

Overall a fun day, followed by a fun night of trip to target, funfetti cucakes, spongebob mac and cheese and When Harry met Sally

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


So since I frequent google about 1003 times per day, give or take a few, I noticed something different about it today...oh, they spelled it wrong.

Makes you question your trusty search engine.

Friday, February 02, 2007

It snowed in Lake Forest

For real... ok not really, but it really did fake snow here, about a week ago. So for my mom's birthday we went to the park, very in appropriatley dressed and played in the fake snow. The best part of the night was watching my sister fly down the hill on the lid to a storage bin, while wearing a dress, and then tumble into a mud pit. There are pictures to prove the funniness.

Excuse the Cirriculum

I was meaning to say the San Diego Zoo, not the San Diego Cirriculum. My brain scares me sometimes.

Tagged by Laney Bloggs... My ABC's

My personal ABC's

A:Annoying habit,People chewing loudly
B:Best friends, Sarah Morines, Amanda Sargent, Jill Maag, Brandon Hunt
C:Cookie, Snickerdoodle...preferrably warm.
D:Daily reads, blogs,emails,,, and blackboard
E:Energy booster, 20 minute nap/coffee frappucino
F:Favorite pair of shoes, slippers...from the yazz.
G:Greys Anatomy...anywhere...anytime
H:How to lose a guy in 10 days...most awesome movie
I:Ideal way to spend an hour; getting a pedicure/manicure and then a massage.
J:Jerkiest moment(if thats even a word) Throwing a softball into my sisters face, there was blood and tears.
K:Kids pasttime, Playing pogs and or handball
L:LOST Wednesday nights with Mommy
M:M&M color,Green, no particular reason.
N:Necessary object, Chapstick
O:Overreacting to everything... it's a gift.
P:Pick up line, " Do you work for campbells? Because you're MM MMM good!"
Q: Quote from a movie, " Oh no! He did NOT just clown St. Louis!" -Stomp the yard
R:Reading material, US magazine, trashy I know.
S:Saddleback College memory, a 250 pound football player screaming across the room to a girl with her laptop " can I check my myspace?"
T:T9, ingenious idea, such a time saver.
U:Unusual fascination, Adults at community college...for real, what are they doing there?
V:Valentines Day 2006
W:Water temperature in order for me to swim, Hawaii like.
X:X ray, after my rollerblade got stuck in a bike spoke(yes, the rider kept going)
Y:Youth aspiration, back up dancer for N'Sync
Z:Zoo to visit(the only one I will go to..) San Diego cirriculum