Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Meet the Bridesmaids, part two.

Meet the incredible Ryanne Nicole Witt. She is my matron of honor, and one of my best friends. I have known Ryanne since I was 11 years old. She was my first small group leader when I was a tiny seventh grader in the junior high ministry. Although she was a senior in high school, she became one of my biggest influences and role models. We have shared so much together through the years, and the most fun is being able to watch Ryanne become a wife and learn from her and her husband Jonathan what it means to have fun and glorify God through marriage. Ryanne always has  incredible advice for me, and knows exactly what I need to hear. She has always modeled to me the lifestyle of a woman after God's own heart and I am so grateful for that. She has an absolute heart of gold, and is always making me laugh. I am so thankful for her friendship, I know without a doubt that I am the woman I am today because of who Ryanne was to me. We share a common love of Victoria Beckham, pepperocinis, twilight and headbands with giant flowers. 

I love you Ry...thank you for helping me grow up. 

I heart books

Well, Barack Obama is officially our President. 

I think I will celebrate by purchasing this book for my friend Ange

 It's kids letters to President Obama...I love it. 

"I really hope you put America back together, no pressure though." - Sheenie Shannon Yip, age 13. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Meet the Bridesmaids!

I have a total of 9 beautiful ladies standing up with me on my wedding day, which is such a testament to all of the awesome friendships in my life. I want to introduce them to you one by one, just for fun! 

My Maid of honor is my beautiful baby sister Courtney. She is the smartest girl I have ever known. Obviously I have known her since birth and ever since that July 19th, we have been inseparable. I remember the anticipation of the birth of Courtney, I couldn't wait to be a big sister, to have a friend, a constant companion in my lonely only child life. I was 4 when Courtney came and I had never been so excited for anything in my life. I took special classes on how to be a big sister, received a ribbon authenticating my big sister status, and wore a cool I am a big sister shirt. I have loved nothing more than being a role model and an example to Courtney throughout her life, but what she doesn't know, is that she has taught me way more than I have taught her. She has taught me what it means to have a dream, and to do whatever it takes to achieve that dream. She has taught me that if you fail, try again, to lean on Christ always. She has always loved Brandon, and that has meant so much to me. I remember introducing them, and asking her opinion and hearing her gush about how perfect we were...that meant the world to me! Being able to share everything in my life with her, is so special and I feel so blessed that my sister is my best friend. 

UCLA 2009.

{I love you sista sista. }

Monday, January 12, 2009

Target strikes again.

One of my favorite designers, Orla Kiely has a line debuting this winter at target.


Please come to my house... very, very soon. 

Tom & Kiva are married!

Tom and Kiva are finally married after 6 years of dating! So cool... the wedding was a blast! 

Katie and Katie in our ugg boots...putting off heel wearing until the last minute.
A week earlier the girls went to big bear to celebrate Kiva! 
Oh, then snow covered our front porch, but it was still fun! 
**There is a severe lack of pictures from the actual wedding, being in the wedding makes the whole taking pictures thing hard. 

Sunday, January 11, 2009


My best friend in the whole world got engaged Christmas morning... and I am super excited!

I can't think of two people more perfect for each other. So excited for the big day! 

Yes, this is Christmas morning, at 9:00 am. and yes, I do wear my flannel hoodie a lot. 

Your wedding will be huge...

This pretty much sums up my life right now... (photo does not include the 4th bride pal)

Jill- May 29th, 2009
Amanda- June 13th, 2009
Katie- June 28th, 2009. 
Sarah- Summer 2010

Just so you know, our nickname for ourselves in high school was JAKS, and that is the order we are getting married in... odd.

oh yea. 

This is what winning looks like

Back in 2008, our team took a Christmas Field Trip to Knotts Berry Farm. We made it into a competition complete with rule sheet and all. Each ride had a different point value, and if your whole team rode the ride, you got more points. 

Naturally, my team won. Crazy... I know.

Here are some snapshots of our winning day. 

The sun really sucked in this photo. ( Nor Ryanne or Josh was on team #1.. shame.)

Katie, Ryanne and I with the creepiest Santa ever. ( Katie is also not on team #1)
Alanna and I missed the memo on please wear black shirts and white long sleeve tees.
Log ride.
Some ride that takes off way too fast.
Silver Bullet.

Sidenote... all of our awesome shirts were part of the Christmas Party. We had to draw names a week before this event and design a shirt for the person we chose. Mine is an active countdown to my wedding.. courtesy of Bethany.