Wednesday, October 24, 2007

20 questions.... by myself.

Im bringing the question game back... I tag Bethany J. and Allison Murray.... Use three words or less.

1. Where is your cell phone? In my bag.
2. Who is your boyfriend/girlfriend or Husband/Wife? The fabulous Brandon
3. Where is one of your parents? Boston baseball games!
4. Cheesecake? Only the crust
5. Your favorite thing to do? Hang with people
6. Your dream last night? About ugly babies
7. Your favorite drink? Black cherry soda
8. The room you're in? gorgeous living room
9. George Bush? Cute old man
10. What you're good at? laughing, organizing, loving.
11. One of your wish list items? iphone without cingular
12. Where did you grow up? Moreno Valley and Lake Forest
13. The last thing you did? Watched gossip girl
14. What are you wearing? jeans, tee and cardigan
15. Who stole your sunglasses? nobody.
16. Ketchup? Fantastic on in n out
17. Your computer? best friend
18. Your life? So much fun
19. Your mood? frustrated with fires
20 Your next blog? When I want
21. Your car is? Really ashy
22. Your summer? was too busy
23. Your relationship status? Never been happier :)
24. Your favorite color(s)? green
25. When is the last time you laughed? 5 minutes ago

Monday, October 15, 2007


My roommate Kiva and I decided to spice things up a bit in our apartment and paint it some fun colors. We decided on a tiffanys blue for the kitchen and a tan for the living room. That morning we went to home depot only to figure out we knew nothing about paint, not how to buy it, not how much we needed, nothing! So Kivas mom came, and not only helped us pick everything out, but bought it all for us!

From there, the day just kept getting more amazing. We came back to the apartment to find that our wonderful boyfriends had gone out shopping and made us a homemade pizza complete with appetizers and our favorite soda ( Kiv's is izzie, mine is black cherry)

Then, starting to freak out a little, the boys told us to go out and relax, go shopping or just out, and they would paint the whole place! What a deal! So we headed out to target, linens and things, bed bath and beyond and golden spoon.

We got back to the apartment and yelled" move that bus!" and there was the most beautiful paint on the walls, and the boys were all done! We were so happy and so thankful!

It gets better, after we were done, Kiva's boyfriend Tom, starts to whip us up some dinner! FAJITAS!! ay yay yay!

We ate delicious food, let our paint dry then went and saw heartbreak kid ( awful.)

The end of the night, was all furniture was moved back, shelves were up and it looked so amazing!

YAY for boyfriends and paint!

Thanks boys!

Friday, October 05, 2007

This is for Amy Branley

Amy has requested that I breakdown all of the television shows that I watch on a regular basis because she enjoys my reviews so much.

So this is for you Amy

ANTM ( If you don't know what this stands for, move on)
Love the show. This season, eh. Not really any strong contenders. I love Heather, she is a strong courageous woman. Model? not sure yet. So sad that (spoiler alert) Sarah was kicked off, I thought she had a lot of potential.

Greys Anatomy
Best season so far. Christina is my new favorite. Numbering her interns, genious. Auctioning off her wedding gifts for chances to be in suegeries, awesome, the fact that she can cry now, beautiful. Izzie is annoying, yes she got George, but their whole situation is a little sketchy and I am not sure I like the whole treating marriage with such little respect aspect. Callie, Amy I know you love her, but she is falling apart, her and Britney need to hang out. Kerev is turning out to be a character I truly enjoy, Addison really did a number on him though. Cheif, needs his wife back. End of story. Miranda is the bomb. I want her to be my therapist sometimes.

The Hills
Honestly I can't believe I dedicate 1/2 hour every week to watch this show. I always get to the end and think, what did I just watch? Did anything really happen? The answer is no, but you will always find me monday nights 10:00 with Kelsey and Kiva(Sometimes B Bear) enjoying a helping of the lovely Lauren Conrad and friends. Lauren is mean this season, she needs to get herself an identity and stop ruining every one of her friends relationships. Heidi is gorgeous this season, but she and Spencer need a little more communication, I mean are they engaged or not? Come on. Audrina, lose Justin Bobby, or fun Bobby, whatever his name is. Hes a loser. Lo, come back, you are the only one I love. Whitney, Can I have your wardrobe please?

The Office
Now here is a show. Drama-Check. Action-Check. Humor-Check. Romance-Check. Mystery-Check. So much fun to watch. Dwight and Angela are psychos. Pam and Jim are meant to be. Kevin is hilarious. Toby... so sad. Michael is a mad man. Stanley always makes me laugh. Meridith and Kelly are nutso. What a show... comedic genious.

Jon and Kate plus 8
Ok. You think you are stressed, busy, overworked, underpaid? This mom has two 6 year old twin girls and six 2 year olds. OH MY GOSH. Still she is loving, caring, patient and so organized. Such a woman. (Nothing compared to you though mama) They still manage to have pancake breakfast every saturday and church every Sunday.

I think I am addicted to television.