Friday, November 30, 2007

Really Toll Roads, really?

I read this in the paper today and my response was " really toll roads, you're really going to charge the fire fighters money for saving your toll roads?" " REALLY?"

Toll road to fire fighters: Pay toll or pay fine
Los Angeles County fire engine told to pay up for using the 133 toll road during recent fires.
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When Engine Company No. 116 received a $100 fine from a toll road agency, firefighters figured it was just a misunderstanding.

Capt. Bob Viers of the Los Angeles County Fire Department was tasked to sort it out with the Transportation Corridor Agencies. An L.A. engine had traversed the 133 Freeway without paying last month on an assumption that emergency vehicles are exempt from paying such tolls.

"You know this is a fire truck," Viers told a tollroad representative. "I can't believe you're fining us for it or even chasing it."

The engine company, based in Carson, fought the Mt. Palomar Fire in San Diego for nearly a week. Viers said the truck that used the 133 was either on the way down to the fires or attending a fireman's funeral.

But the toll road agency didn't back down. The firefighters would have to pay.

The TCA assesses a $47.50 processing fee on top of the toll amount due if notices are ignored. A subsequent violation notice tacks on an additional $47.50 fine.

Viers talked to a manager, who said the firefighters had to pay $20 instead of $100.

"I still thought that was ridiculous," Viers said.

Ultimately, Viers had the fine knocked down to $5 and charged it to his credit card.

"I just thought that was kind of strange," he said. "For me the easier way to get rid of the hassle was to pay the guy."

Monday, November 26, 2007

Top ten things that really excite me about Christmas

These are the top ten things that excite me about the christmas season, in no order.

10. Tiny white twinkling lights all over town
9. Chilly weather ( hopefully)
8. Watching the Grinch
7. Decorating my apartment
6. Christmas tree smell
5. The music
4. New Years eve parties
3. Disneyland
2. holiday creamers
1. running down the stairs on christmas morning when I look like I have been hit with an ugly stick and still thinking Santa brought me a gift.

The countdown is on!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Thank a soldier....

Thanksgiving is right here and I started thinking about all of the soldiers who will be fighting to keep me safe, while I enjoy a hot homecooked meal with my family.

I remembered a girl who set up an organization called a million thanks and so I went on her website to see where I could send a letter. Her newest headline said that I could send a text message straight to a soldier and thank them for everything that they are doing.

This is super easy and will mean so much to someone, it's not a scam, and it won't cost you any more than a regular text message.

Find out all the info here at

Friday, November 16, 2007


Or cleaning day.... Im still recovering from the cleaning of the student ministries fridge... Allison M can fill you in

well done A Murray.

This ones for you Alli Hib

Reaction to this video:

Since Allison showed me this, I have watched it about 6 more times... every time I was alone.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cupcake <3 er

For those of you who know me well, know I love cupcakes. I love to bake them, I love to eat them, I love to look at them.

Exciting news in the cupcake world...

#1. Williams Sonoma now sells the mix to sprinkles cupcakes. For $14 you can buy a package of heaven. My flavor of choice; peppermint chocolate.

#2. There is an actual blog for cupcake lovers....check it out

I have an idea

I love the game where a bunch of friends sit around in a circle and one begins telling a story then passes it onto someone else eventually creating a really big ridiculous story. For example, take friends A B C and D, they are all sitting together in Peets, because I love Peets. Person A starts off with " one time I was sitting at the beach and... Person B takes over with " and a giant fish jumped out and whacked me in the face with his tail and then... Person C takes over and so on...

So I was thinking, blogging is a lot like sitting in a circle of friends, I want to tag one person to take off from my sentance, write their own, then tag someone else.

*Before you write your post, mention who tagged you, that way you can catch up with the story... leave me a comment if you "storied" and at the end, I will post the finished story.

Let's try this...

" This one day I was sitting on a park bench in the middle of central park. An elderly couple walked by me and..."



Wednesday, November 07, 2007

God is so good

Seriously, God is so good.

The Best News Ever . . . It's Triplets, a Boy and 2 Girls!
The Ladera Times has learned that Chris and Lori Coble, of Ladera Ranch, who tragically lost their three children last May in a horrific accident on the I-5 near the OSO Exit, are having triplets. "Yes, it is true. I am six weeks along and they expect me to deliver in early to mid-May," Lori told the Ladera Times. "We had to do it by in vitro fertilization and it worked the first month. They extracted 14 eggs from me and out of all of those after all sorts of genetics testing, three eggs were good, two girls and one boy. We took that as a sign and we put all three in." The odds of all three eggs attaching were only 10 percent, according to Lori who added, "It turned out, we are one of the lucky 10 percent." Although the Coble family is very excited about the pending birth, Lori said it is a bittersweet blessing. "These children will never take the place of Kyle, Emma and Katie, but it does give us some hope for happier times in the future." Lori and Chris Coble are shown in the photo here taking part in the dedication of the Heroes Memorial in Town Green last Memorial Day. All of Ladera Ranch joins the Ladera Times in wishing the Cobles their prayers and best wishes for a healthy pregnancy. More details will be posted as it becomes available. In the meantime, of you want to comment on this story or leave a message for the Cobles, click on Reader Feedback. (Story and photo by Jim Schmitt, Editor and Publisher)

Friday, November 02, 2007


Please go see this movie.... it is seriously amazing.

Thanks mom for the wonderful night!