Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Today something happened that I thought I would never have to go through again. I got a splinter. Now not just a splinter that stuck out , was prominent and easily removable, no. This splinter dove right in underneath my nailbed. This splinter happened when I reached into my new bamboo-like beach bag to grab my wallet and stuck my finger smack dab into a sharp piece of the bamboo like material. I tried for hours to get it out, I even asked for tweezers at CPK, that was the extent of suffering I was in ( by the way, they have huge ones there). To no avail, the satanic wood chip remained lodged into my fingerip. Tonight when I came home, I had had enough. I clipped my fingernail down to an un comfortable length, and with shaky hands. and a sweaty brow, I snagged it and pulled it out. It doesnt look scary or painful once it is sitting so innocently on my counter, but I know the pain it causes.

I have a picture, uploading is not going so well, maybe later.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Oh the summer weather....

So if you are lucky enough to be a saddleback/IVC student you would know that this week is spring break 2007. I believe, that the weather could not be any nicer. My spring break activities hae thus far, been filled with lots of sun, outdoors and friends.

So far I have

Laid out at the community pool

Rode bikes around Newport/Balboa with B, and then ate a delicious meal at Rubys

Cleaned out my room

Done some laundry

Disneyland with friends and B

Art show which was awesome

Friday I will camp out with everyone important and lovely in my life.....

And now I am about to go lay out some more with my good friend Sarah...

Heres to sunscreen and frozen lemonade by the pool.... CHEERS TO SPRING BREAK 2007

Friday, March 09, 2007


You make me smile when I feel like frowning

You care about my world in ways that I thought no one ever would

You love my family and my friends

You visit me when I am sick, and always know what to say when I am sad

You encourage my ministry work and always lead me on

You are my love...

Happy One Year...2-25-06


Last night was a blast from the past... and it was so much fun. My three best friends and I were miraculously all in the same town, at the same time, and so we did what any group of best friends would do, we had a sleepover! Now granted, we all work, and go to school and try and manage a social life, so when we finally got together at 10:00pm, we all were a little tired. But we managed to sneak in, cookie making(well, Sarah and I sat on the couch like Grandma and Grandpa Joe and let Jill and Amanda do all the work), TV watching ( without a trace, lame episode, but still fun to watch) and of course... what sleepover would be complete without a good solid session of talking about our boyfriends on the couch for 2 hours. Though the night was not anything spectacular in it's activities, it was such a treat to have all the girls that I love and cherish on one couch all laying on top of each other falling asleep.

I love you all... 7 years of friendship and counting...