Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I have learned that working in ministry long enough will teach you very valuable skills. One of these skills is being able to order, carry out and transport 12 individual starbucks drinks from the store back to the offices all by myself.

Dear Jeff Baker,
Must you order water? I mean, walk down the hallway. Sorry, that sounds rude.

The Great Pumpkin

Brandon and I spent the past weekend doing "fall activities"

Saturday included a day trip to Oak Glen, which was filled with apple cider tasting ( and buying) a dozen mini cider donuts being inhaled by us, walking through a raspberry field, purchasing my favorite, apple butter and a stop on the way home at in Riverside. One more stop, pumpkin patch. Where we selected the perfect specimens of pumpkins. Portillos

Sunday included carving of said pumpkins, at the community pool and church.

I really love fall.

Friday, October 24, 2008

I am on your side...

A while back I passed this petition around the office in order for Jonathan Witt to allow his bride Ryanne to buy passes to Disneyland.

Well apparently my words are like that of an angel, because for Ryanne's birthday, she got a pass!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Just plain funny

Candy Gram.

Without fail, everytime this comes on, I lose my composure and watch it at least 4 more times.

I love it.

atafurahi siku ya uzalishi Allison!!!

So supposedly that means HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLISON, in Swahili......


I wish I was there eating funfetti cupcakes, drinking starbucks and watching romantic comedies with you, but enjoy your camel ride!

*photo courtesy of Julie Hibbard

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

On our way!

Today is 250 days until I marry my best friend! I don't know why but 250 days seems so official. We have only been engaged for one month and 14 days, but we have accomplished so much!

Photographer: check! Gabriel Ryan
Location: Check! Bell Tower Civic Center
Cuisine: Check! Thanks to the awesome Chip Bragg
Brandon's suit: Check! ( classy too...)
Bridal Suite at the montage in Laguna Beach: Check! ( thanks for the hookup Aunt Julie!)

Wedding planning is one time in your life where being overly organized and OCD is helpful!

I am loving it!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Bethany tagged me on this... here we go! 7 random facts about me...

7. I really really love to sleep. I could nap two or three times a day, and I get really excited to go to bed at night.
6. I am paranoid about smelling bad, therefore I have perfume in my car, my bathroom, my laundry area and my living room. I also always have gum or mints.
5. I really love office supply stores, like more than the average human should. I could spend hours sifting through the items and placing them in my cart.
4. I have never had braces. I find this to be an interesting fact to people.
3. I have a fear of fish. Not a little one, a big big fear. I almost drowned my mother in hawaii on a snorkeling expedition, she will tell you all about my fear.
2. I am a closet scrapbooker. I love to scrapbook.
1. My hands get pruney faster than anyone I have ever known. I am talking I wash my face and my hands look like a 90 year old womans hands. It is out of control.

I tag T. Shan, Ryanne, Luke St. Hilaire and Ange

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Yes, I know I have not posted in one month, forgive me, but I am now wedding planning which is proving to be quite time consuming. However, this is blog worthy. Wandering around the market the other day, I stumbled upon this beauty.

Here is the deal, I love coffee, I love chai, I love vanilla, so what could be better?

** I did not take this photo, disregard the other creamer, sounds horrid.