Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Saw this and thought it might be fun...
Eight things: 

8 TV shows I enjoy...
Greys Anatomy
Gossip Girl
American Idol
The City
Criminal Minds

8 things I did yesterday...
ordered mason jars online
slept in
went to zoomba
ate delicious bean soup
watched Ellen
laughed with my fiance
had lunch with Mama and Sister
wrote thank you notes

8 favorite things to eat...
veggie pizza
CPK salad
baja tacos
spinach pasta
english muffins with peanut butter and honey and banana

8 things I look forward to..
Saying I do to a life alongside my best friend
getting tan on a beach in Costa Rica
being a mom ( one day... far away.)
living in an apartment again
graduating college
spontaneous weekend excursions with my new husband
seeing my little sister go off to her first semester at UCLA!

8 things I wish for...
An awesome & super fun wedding
A great future for my siblings...Complete with love and happiness. 
A darker skin tone ( hey, I can wish)
Never getting a pimple ever again. EVER.
Great friendships throughout my life
Anthropologie inviting me to a "supermarket sweep" at their store. Giving me 10 hours to grab whatever I want for free. ( again, if I am wishing...) 
World Peace

That was fun. I tag Ange & Sue Tafalla 
 can't wait to see your answers ladies. 

Monday, April 20, 2009

from dharma to topanga.

Want to know where your favorite sitcom star lives?
Problem Solved.

found via design crush

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Thanks to Cami... and my bloglines... I saw that Brandon and I were featured on The Brides Cafe which is an absolutely amazing wedding blog. They loved our pictures from the photography convention that we were "models" for- so cool! 
Thanks Katie Stoops for the beautiful photos.. and Betsey Johnson for my killer dress.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

beware of splinters.

How cool would it be to receive
a hand carved wood postcard in the mail?

I think it would be ultra cool.

{But then again, I say things like ultra cool. }


Busy Busy Busy seems to be my life lately! 
74 days until wife-ville...and I am so excited.

Just got home from the most fantastic week in New Mexico. 
I got to hang out with these cool cats all week and I loved every moment. 

being that we were village #7... naturally we posed in the shape of a 7. 
Tamara, Max, Kristen, Ari, Tom, Marissa, Naomi, Shaylin, Amanda and Jordin
You are wonderful kids.