Friday, September 21, 2007

This is my schedule

I am going to see how well I can stick to it today

7:00am wake up/ Get ready for work
8:00 Leave for work
8:25 arrive to work
8:36 Talk to Ben
8:40 Log onto computer, check e mail, blogs, and
8:45 answer any e mails or voicemails I may have gotten
9:00 Create power points for this weekends worship services
9:30 Finish all songs for this weekend
10:00 Drive up to the Childrens building and input all songs and powerpoints
10:20 Make sure they all work
10:30 Print out all program flows and set them out
11:00 Drive back down to the offices
11:10 Read blogs again, check again, go on myspace
11:20 Mark rosters for volunteer attendance this weekend(call anyone who isnt scheduled)
11:45 Print out all rosters
12:00 Facebook time
12:10 talk to Ben or Amy; call Kelsey
12:30 leave for Kelseys
12:40 Arrive at Kelseys, play with her dog poo (no not his poo, his names poo)
12:50 arrive at Gregs
12:51 Leave for train station
1:20 board train and leave for San Diego
3:00ish Arrive, Sarah picks us up... Padres Game Night!
11:00pm Drive back home!

Let's see how this goes... I love my friends and I cant wait to see them all!

Best way to wake up.

Today I woke up and I knew it would be a good day. As I was getting ready this morning all I heard from my roommates room was her adorable loud laugh. It wasn't a pitty laugh, or a little one, it was a loud crack up.(Mind you, it was 7:00 am) I thought she might be laughing in her sleep but, she wasn't. She was just talking to her best friend.

This is joy. And I love waking up filled with it.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Road Trip!

Brandon and I decided(while waiting in line for tortillas at Disneyland) to drive out to Sedona, Arizona for the weekend to visit my grandparents who were vacationing there. I thought the drive was about 5 hours and it would be so easy. Well, the drive was 9 hours, but so much fun! We borrowed a fun book of questions form my good friend Ben, and we laughed and talked and took tons of pictures!

Highlights from the trip:
-Denny's in Arizona, so sick. Waiting 45 minutes for cold food, doesnt sound fun, but when you're so tired, everything is funny.
- Hanging out with 4 older people all weekend
-Off road jeep rides through the mountains
- Bi Plane tours while it is raining
- Making fun of thousands of dollars worth of crappy statues
- eating at the "nice restaurant" with Grandma and Grandpa
- visiting all the tourist sites I havent really ever looked at, even though I used to visit every year.
- 8 dollar coffee and cold bagel breakfast
- tourist shops
- fight during ping pong which turned into really fun game of Raquetball in which Brandon broke the ping pong racket.

What a random and fun trip!

Suprise Suprise!

Ok, so my favorite movie is fever pitch, well one of them. In this movie one of the girls has a birthday party and the theme is the great gatsby, and I thought this was super clever. One night Brandon and I are watching the movie and I mentioned that it would be fun to have this as a theme for a party. Skip forward 6-7 months, and for my 20th birthday party BRANDON THROWS ME A SUPRISE TWENTIES THEMED PARTY!

It was such a magical night, with tons of friends, great food from the Sarge, and a huge cake!

Enjoy the pics...

I love you B! Thanks for all your hard work family! So sorry I was such a B word!