Monday, April 30, 2007

The Land Of Legos

Yes it's true, I have now taken my first trip to Lego Land. For our team outing day, we decided to go to LegoLand. It was awesome. Kind of a bummer that most rides you must be 13 or younger, but no sweat, we spent the day walking around, checking out all the cool stuff and even riding " the claw."

Here are some fun pictures from the day....

notice, the make out legos, the matt jensen look alike knight, and the official ride picture.

The level five of Amy and myself, represents the highest level you can choose to ride on for the most awesome ride of all time. Literally, you feel like someone has thrown you into a washing machine and let you go.

It's hard to explain, you need to go, just for that ride.

Friday, April 27, 2007


Happy Birthday to me .... love you B

Smallville Man

Last night I went to the grocery store with a good friend to buy a birthday card and vegetable oil. Now that is only two items, so we went to the ten items or less line, which in any store is the last one on the left, every one knows this. Well apparently everyone but the lady in front of us. She unloads her cart full of stuff, and the checker makes two or three remarks, including " ooh, you are getting me in trouble" and " oh no, this is the wrong line for you" ( she had a heavy spanish accent) But does nothing to stop the madness.

By now, the line behind us, is growing, and there are many people with one two items making noises like this " ughhhhh" and " eckkkhhgggkkkkk"

Then the magic moment happened, the man behind us( who mind you, had two microwavable hungry man meals and was at least 35 years old) Walks up to the lady with 397293 items and says, " next time, pick the right line, I am missing smallville, my favorite show becuase of you."

I tried, I really did try not to laugh.

I failed.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


This is me trying to be artistic.



Sorry about not posting for a while.... busy little life of mine.

Funny stories about a campig trip that some of my friends and I took.

First a man came up to us as we were playing a routy game of catch phrase and asked us first if we were mormon, then since we weren't, he asked us for a beer. We didn't have anything but coke and sprite, but we did understand that since we sounded drunk it was a pretty ligitamate obervance.

Second creepy man came up to us and asked us if we had extra firewood for a homeless couple that would be sleeping next to us. We gave them some and then, all sat there silently contemplating where we should hide our valuables, so judgemental and wrong, we know, but... seriously, would you have left your stuff out over night?

Next was a creepy art project that Sarah and I found on our morning walk to the bathroom. We found on a picnic table what appeared to be some sort of satanic witch circle with rocks placed in crazy places and sticks holding the "creations" together. ( lame desciption, should have taken a sorry. I wasn't in my blogging place of mind.)

We decided to pack up and move out thinking it would be more fun to squeeze in a booth at denny's then try and " brave the wilderness" some more.