Wednesday, August 27, 2008

if only....

If I showed up to a BBQ with these, how much more would you love me/admire me?


If you want to know what I will be doing November 21, 2008 ,I will be celebrating my brothers birthday and sitting in a theater watching twilight.

Get Ready...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Next Tuesday

So Professor Glen Dill just told us that class next Tuesday September 2nd is cancelled becuase of the holiday.

Ange and I both screamed because instead of managerial accounting, that night will now consist of...

Dinner, dessert and 90210 premiere at the Witt House.

God Bless Labor Day.

Dear David Hughes,

I know how much you love Misty May-Treanor, especially since our conversation in which Ryanne and I asked you via i chat which Olympic sport you were watching and you said "Misty May."

So, I thought you should know, that she was added to the lineup of dancing with the stars earlier today.

Now you can watch your " epitome of female perfection" show off her dancing.

Here is the article via

AGE: 31
OCCUPATION: Beach volleyball player
THE 411: May-Treanor brought home her second career gold medal for team U.S.A. in this year's Beijing Olympics with teammate Kerri Walsh.
PARTNER: Maksim Chmerkovskiy
SECOND-CHANCE AT DANCE: Says May-Treanor: "I took a basic dance class in college, like a Dance 101, where we learned how to line dance, do ballroom and different styles, but because there were so few taller guys in the class, I had to be the guy! So I didn't learn the dances the way I wanted to.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My life because of TWILIGHT

Can I get an amen?

I heart surprises

This morning I got to work a little early to surprise Jason Petty and decorate his desk for his birthday ( of course Ryanne was there too...)

To my astonishment, the surpriser ( me) was surprised! I found three great little trinkets on my desk that just made my heart sing.

#1. A note from my sweet brother Ty ...

#2. Cute Jordan Gunderson had left me this note on my desk... complete with cupcake card. She really loves me.

#3. Ryanne had bought me the latest and greatest version of sharpie pens. She truly knows my heart.
Oh yes, it's a sharpie, pen. PEN.

It's going to be a good Thursday.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I just drank a juicy juice and 5 minutes later my stomach is aching, badly.

I looked at the box.

It expired May 08.


Note to self, read date, then drink.

camp count

Yep. I am blogging about camp again.

Here is a count to make you feel closer to me.

78-pages I have read of twilight.
3-showers I have taken in 30 hours
4-games of recreation, that I actually enjoyed.
1-entire bag of circus peanuts inhaled.
1-box of mail, from my cute man friend Brandon.
6-hours of travel (add 3 more because i am driving back up tonight)
9-phone calls home to parents of campers
a lot- number of times I have thanked God because I have the best job on the planet.

bug juice!

I am at high school camp this week in Ojai Valley, and it's incredible! I literally feel like I am at a REAL summer camp. That may sound nutso since I have been at camp every year since I was 15, but this camp is different. There are tent-abins, which are tents and cabins at the same time. They have porches and screen doors. It's a beautiful thing. I was telling Ryanne yesterday I feel like I am at Bug Juice camp, which she told me is called camp anawana, not bug juice, but that is not the point. I wish I could stay here all summer, but bring up my family, and Brandon and a nail salon.

I just love camp.

Here is why-
walking everywhere
picnic tables for every meal...outside.
the smell of bonfire
giant bugs
hoodies are worn at night, because it is actually cold.
though there is a schedule, it includes 5 hours of free time.
choco tacos (I even wrote a song about these delights...)
worship in the mornings and evenings
spending time, a lot of it, with friends
cards, for hours

Here are things that bug me..but not enough to sway my love-
trantulas in the middle of chapel, 5 inches from my feet
my feet are constantly dirty no matter how many times I wash them
there is a bee problem this year at our camp so they are constantly around, especially when I am trying to enjoy pancakes

so to sum that up, anything that has to do with bugs and my feet.

That is it.

Camp is the best.

Monday, August 04, 2008

total slacker

There is no real reason for lack of posting.

Hopefully some inspiration will come soon.