Friday, December 04, 2009


Brandon and I have some very exciting news to share.. nope, not pregnant, but we are

As of last week Brandon has accepted a HUGE promotion at his job, and I am so proud!

This January we will be moving our little "so cal" selves out to Minneapolis Minnesota!

It will be such a fun adventure for us, and we are thrilled.

We would love if you would pray for us...

To find a place to live! We are traveling out this weekend to "Scout out a place."
For peace of mind... that the transition is smooth, easy and fun!
For our marriage... that it would be strengthened by this move!

We love you all, it's not a permanent move, we will be back in a couple of years! {Mom <3}>


Shea Sanden said...

HOLY COW!!! this is so crazy!

I am so excited for you guys. i will for sure be praying for you.

a bit sad your leaving... ;( but excited for your adventure.

Becky said...

soooo my dad told me about this last night and i almost cried!!!! im so excited for you and brandon :) but of course i will miss you soooo much. tell brandon congrats for me :) i love you guysssss :)

Jenny said...

You will be missed, but I also believe this is the best thing ever that you can do for your marriage. To establish yourselves as your own little family. Congratulations! Let me know if you need any moving advise... we've move cross country a time or two. Wink! Praying for you and this lovely journey. xo~Jenny Carson

ali said...

i'm in minneapolis all the time...a ton of my family lives there! so i will be visiting! let me know if you have questions about where to go/look for places because my parents lived there for 30 years...and they are pretty cool...

Suefalla said...

wow!!! This is huge!! I'm so excited for you guys, this is gonna be such a great adventure!! hopefully I will see before you move!!!

blythe said...

wow! how exciting! i'll be praying for a good church to get plugged in and make some good buds :]

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